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Care Web IndiaBest Web Development company in India specializes in developing high power websites which are compatible with all devices. We have been serving our clients since 2015.

We develop every type of website at an affordable price. We have a dedicated team of website designers and developers who gives their best to make a project successful.

We offer every type of custom website , Web portals , Cms, E-commerce and more. We use advanced technology and the powerful frameworks to make a future ready website.

Best Website Designing Company

Complete Web Development Solutions in India

Today the technology has Evolved a lot. Whether If we talk about business a website gives a distinct identity to your business. Customers are always able to find you  anytime, anywhere 24X7,  Even outside of business hours.

Your website continues to find and secure new customers. It serves as the center of all your online activity. If we talk about business, through the website we can promote our products and services very easily.

There are many types of websites such as Blogs, News portals, Job portals, E-Commerce and more. Due to the evolution of  technology, Many features has arrived in the modern website such as Responsive Design, CMS, Chat bots,  Live chat, Social media login/sign up,  and more.

So if you want to create an amazing website for your business or organization then don’t worry you have clicked the right page. We are the best web designing and development agency in India. And we can help you to develop business generating machine website for your business.

Back-End Development

Backend is the backbone of any website. It Manages the whole website from the server. The whole primary function of a website works from here. It Communicates the database information to the browser.

There are some famous server side programming languages we use for backend development like Php, Dot Net, Python and Java.

While Dynamic website development we work hard and carefully to develop the powerful and secured back end. Actually Our backend should be always secured because it manages all the requests of users login credentials too.

Nowadays the problem of hacking has increased a lot. Hackers always attack our backend through our database. We pay a lot of attention to security. That’s why we created a separate team of security. We Use firewalls, Antivirus softwares and many more security tools to protect our server and the website.

Front-end Development

Front-end web development, can also say as client side development. Actually the whole process works upon the Client Side or Browser Side Programming Languages.

Some of the famous and we mostly use are :  – React Js , Node Js, Angular Js , and Ruby. 

There are a variety of devices with varying screen sizes people use to Browse the internet. In such a situation, our content should be easily visible and should also be easy to read. Our frontend plays a key role in doing all these things. Whether it is to make our website responsive or to add animated effects.The UI of a Website completely depends on the frontend development.

It is responsible to manage all the action of a Browser. We have a separate and dedicated team of Front End web developers who are highly experienced and give their best to coordinate and work with the backend developers .

#1 Website Development Company in India.

Care Web India is one of top web development company in India.

Which Website is best Statics or Dynamic?

“Dynamic means energetic and capable of doing more action and changes whereas static means fixed not growable.”

Statics Web Development

Static websites are built with simple codes of HTML & CSS which serve all the information from server to browser.These information and datas are of static nature so it does not change until someone manually changes it.  In theses website there is no involvement of databases for data redecoration.

Static websites get loaded faster due to the static datas. The static web pages are simple to design.

Dynamic Web Development

Dynamic websites are built with high Level Server side programming languages like asp dot net , php and python. The datas are of dynamic nature so it changes automatically. We can manage the website with an admin panel. It carries information to a database.

These websites are more functional and use both server side and the client side programming languages . Due to carrying the heavy data It takes little more time to load than the static websites.

Web Development

Our Work Approach

  • Understanding your business goal.
  • Looking forward to your competitors.
  • Giving satisfactory demo
  • Planning with our team.
  • Provides live updates of the work
  • Hard Testing
  • Security Testing
  • Final Delivery

Technology Stack

  • PHP
  • Python
  • .NET 
  • React
  • Angular js
  • Node js

CMS Web Development

  • WordPress Development
  • Magento Development
  • Joomla Development
  • OpenCart Development
  • Drupal Development
  • Shopify Development

CMS Website Development

Care Web India  – Best cms development company in India. We work on the latest and world best Content Management Systems. Today, every work has to be fast along with being advanced. We have a separate CMS team of  WordPress, Joomla, Opencart & Magento. These are the latest and constantly updated platforms for web development. 

We mostly use it for Fast Project Delivery and for the clients who want to manage the whole frontend from their side. These platforms are very helpful to build a SEO friendly website. We use high quality premium themes and plugins to build a beautiful website. The author also updates their CMS in a regular way. In this development we also use security tools for protection of the website. 

Benefits of CMS
  • Creates SEO Friendly Website 
  • Readymade Beautiful templates.
  • High Quality Codes.
  • Responsive Layout for all devices.
  • You can update features on websites over time.
  • Add Modules to upgrade site features.

Custom Web Development

Get the highly customized website as per your requirement. We are specialized in custom web development. A custom website shows the uniqueness and the individuality of your brand. Your website will not look like anyone else’s. 

Lets understand the custom website development with an example. You all might have known about the readymade clothes and the tailor made clothes. When we need a readymade cloth we use to go to the ready made shop, choose the color, try the fitting and purchase it. But when we want clothes according to our mind including the design, color and the perfect body fitting. We Simply go to a Tailor Shop and the tailor takes our body measurements. They show us some catalogues and cloth qualities. After the whole process they give us a time to collect the cloth and after the time completion they give us a Full Body fitting Cloth with our favourite design and color which no one has. 

The same thing happens on Custom Made Websites. If you need a Website with all your favourite designs and functions we are ready to help you . We don’t use any templates, we design the website according to your requirement.

Benefits of Custom Web
  • It gives a uniqueness of your brand.
  • It grows the reputation of your brand.
  • You own the website and the code which has the complete control of your website.
  • You can upgrade features according to your business expansion. 
  • Due to the usual code only your web pages load faster. 
  • You have the freedom to make any changes in the back end and front end

Best E-commerce Website development Company

Today the E-commerce business has grown very fast. If you are selling any products then you must have an E-Commerce website. Today in the digital era it has become a trend of online shopping , people love to get their product delivered at home. It is beneficial for the business owners also, You can sell your products anywhere from a single store. You can attract more customers from social media platforms. 

Care Web India is known as the best E-commerce Website Development company in India. We Develop High performing and high revenue generating ecommerce websites. We have a dedicated team for ecommerce development. We work on the latest programming languages and tools to build the best ecommerce website for you. We develop every type of multi vendor,  single vendor and marketplace websites. 

We use the latest technology for ecommerce website development. Your Ecommerce website needs to be fast and easy to use. We works with the latest market trend and our team follows all the minor and major steps in ecommerce development

Major Points in E- Commerce website

  • Hassle free website
  • Fast Loading
  • High quality codes.
  • Beautiful UI.
  • Live Chats
  • Payment Gateways
  • Visible and clear
  • logo
  • Easy checkout
  • process
  • Latest Products feed.
  • Push Notification

What we provides in the E-commerce

  • High Speed Vps Server with unlimited space and Bandwidth
  • Clean and bug free codes for fast loading.
  • Eye Catching UI.
  • Even the illiterate people could easily order products such an easy process.
  • Powerful Backend
  • Live Chats
  • Email Automation
  • SMS automation
  • Multiple payment gateways
Best Web Development Company in India.
For Best Services
CMS/E-commerce/Custom Web

Why Choose Us?

Quality & Timely Delivery
Competitive Pricing
Technology Enabled And User Friendly
Proactive Customer Support
  • We Serve Quality and earn relationships not only money.
  • We do not charge for maintenance and give free tutorials.
  • We Deliver the Project in a Committed time frame.
  • Before the work approval we Give a Complete Demo of both backend and frontend.
  • We are 24X7 available for our customers.
  • We have a great habit of Updating all tools and Serves in a regular way.
  • Before any Website’s Delivery we take it in a hard testing process.
  • We have a dedicated and separate team for Web Designing.
  • We are experienced in every type of Website Development.
  • We Always update our team with the latest algorithm of Google.

“Connect with us & develop the best website for your business at affordable price. We are the “best web designing & Development company in India” .

We Mostly use Php for ecommerce development with their various frameworks like Codigniter and Laravel.

We can customize the whole website as per your demand including Backed and front end. It will be a tailor made website you can say. 

We will give you the world best VPS Server for your E-commerce with highest bandwidth and inodes. Your Server should not crash with any number of visits

Yes We uses access controls and firewalls for the website’s security. Our Security Team always enforce and update data security

Yes We provide Free Life time Support and Maintenance for our Customers. We Gives Remote and call support too.